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Corey Feldman says online bullying could have caused him to commit suicide years ago

Corey Feldman has finally admitted how deeply hurt he was by the backlash surrounding his band’s performance on The Today Show last week.

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Feldman and his band, Corey’s Angels, performed a new single in what instantly became a viral show. Feldman was dressed in a black hood and danced erratically while his band played behind him in skimpy angel costumes. Even as the performance was airing, criticism for the admittedly weird band was pouring out on social media.

After the performance, Feldman lashed out at critics, crying on a series of now-deleted Facebook videos.

They just dive in with the worst, the nastiest, the filthiest comments I’ve ever read,” he said later. “Like, ‘The wrong Corey died’ or ‘Why don’t you just go OD?'”

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He continued, “I don’t care if you’re hiding behind a computer or a keyboard — it’s not an excuse. It’s not acceptable. The somebody that you’re talking about is a real person with real feelings and real emotions. And I’ll tell you what, if I hadn’t been through this one thousand times, I might’ve taken my life over it. And then how would everybody feel?”

Feldman has every right to be upset over the abusive comments he’s received. Telling anyone — online or otherwise — to die is a truly horrific thing to do, and no one, not even a celebrity, should have to endure that. And let there be no doubt that even though Feldman is a celebrity, those words constitute bullying — the nastiest kind of bullying that could truly be harmful to a person. Feldman’s comments should be a wake-up call to all of us: Just because he put himself out there, Feldman doesn’t deserve to be bullied.

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Did you watch Corey Feldman’s Today Show performance?

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