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Trevor Walker is no saint, but Kelley Johnson was out of line on Below Deck

Bravo has had its fair share of bossy reality TV stars in recent years, but who would have thought that a new control freak would emerge on a show like Below Deck? What should be an enjoyable experience as a crew member on a luxury yacht is anything but that for bosun Kelley Johnson, who treats the whole ordeal as though he’s commanding Marines in the Middle East.

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After last week’s debacle involving deckhands Trevor Walker and Nico Scholley, it was up to Johnson to smooth things over. Instead, Johnson “killed a mosquito with an axe” by making a huge deal out of two guys just blowing off steam.

Kelley Johnson
Image: Bravo

Things would have been fine if Johnson had just let sleeping dogs lie, but he escalated the situation the next morning by stripping Walker of his senior deckhand position and threatening to kick him off the boat if he acted up again.

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While Walker has proven to be more than a handful (especially after yet another drunken lapse in judgment this week left him slurring and stammering his speech), he doesn’t deserve to be completely dismissed by Johnson just yet. After all, Johnson himself complained about a charter being shorthanded if he had to let Walker go.

Kelley Johnson
Image: Bravo

With Walker being in no rush to help out and Johnson not wanting his help in the first place, it was up to Johnson and Scholly to set up an incredibly annoying inflatable pool for the charter guests. Things would have been a lot easier if Walker had been around to lend a hand. Johnson’s sarcastic comment about the guests only using the pool for five minutes proves that he’s not exactly having a lot of fun in his role either.

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We’ve seen Johnson show his softer side, especially during the scene in which he shared a laugh over the hot tub incident with his sister. And we know he thinks his other two deckhands are great. So what’s keeping him from smoothing things over with Walker and having a full crew of happy, reliable workers? It just might be that Marine Corps mentality that Johnson needs to throw overboard.

What do you think of Kelley Johnson’s management style on Below Deck? Did Trevor Walker deserve that demotion? Comment and share your opinion below.

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