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A photo of Anna Duggar unbelievably has people assuming Josh abuses her

A new Duggar family photo has people buzzing that Josh Duggar is now beating his wife, Anna, and it’s an extreme rumor that is based on way too little evidence.

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In the photo, which was posted on the Duggar family Facebook page, Anna is smiling with Jill and Jinger. The girls are out on a shopping trip and they’ve, of course, got strollers in tow to go with their handfuls of clothing.

“Getting a little shopping done,” the caption read, along with the hashtags “sisters” and “shopping.”

But what really got people buzzing was that in the shot, it looks like Anna could have a black eye. It also looks like there’s something — maybe a cut — on her lip.

Anna Duggar comment
Image: The Duggar Family/Facebook
Anna Duggar comment
Image: The Duggar Family/Facebook
Anna Duggar comment
Image: The Duggar Family/Facebook

On closer inspections, however, it could just as easily be a shadow due to the way Anna is standing. Also, that cut on her lip might be nothing at all or it might be something as simple as a cold sore.

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The Duggar family has been through so much backlash and hate over these past couple of years thanks to Josh, I would think that if Anna really was looking beat up — for whatever reason — the family wouldn’t be sharing social media pictures of her. They would be smart enough to know that a black eye and cut lip, no matter how they were obtained, would be bad for their family.

Immediately assuming that Anna was beaten by Josh, though, is just ridiculous.

Of course, if it is confirmed that she actually does have bruising and cuts on her face, then someone should look into the situation in an official capacity, but Facebook rumors don’t do anyone any good. As it stands now, all I see is a happy family splurging on some new things for fall.

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Do you think Anna Duggar looks like she has a black eye or is it just unfortunate shadowing?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Anna Duggar slideshow
Image: Josh Duggar/Twitter

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