Farrah Abraham’s lips aren’t the issue — her attitude is

It was a banner week for Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG — on the Sept. 19 episode, she and on-again/off-again boyfriend Simon Saran decided to sit down with Farrah’s therapist, Dr. Jenn Mann of VH1’s Couples Therapy. Predictably, things got a little messy.

During the therapy session, Dr. Jenn called Farrah out for her behavior… and I mean big time.

“The footage that I have seen of the way you talk to him, no man in his right mind will stick around,” she told Farrah, explaining that — unintentionally or not — Farrah was pushing Simon away with her words and actions.

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To be fair, she chided Simon a little too for leading Farrah along, but I think we all know she was only doing that to placate Farrah. The reality is that Dr. Jenn said what we have all been thinking all along: The way Farrah speaks to people is not OK. It’s just not.

However, some fans of the MTV series seem far less interested in the fact Dr. Jenn was trying to get Farrah to face her demons and far more interested in the fact Farrah had apparently gotten lip fillers.

You get the picture. So, here’s the problem with that. Farrah is obviously a deeply insecure and troubled woman. In my opinion, she makes decisions about her body based out of those insecurities. But, ultimately, those decisions are Farrah’s to make. Her body, her choice.

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I’m not saying people can’t disagree with what she has done — that’s your prerogative. What I am saying is that let’s focus on what’s really important, right?

As her therapist pointed out, Farrah doesn’t seem to understand the way she comes off to people. Her tone is always so sharp and dismissive, as though she has zero interest in what anyone else has to say. Ever. If I ever spoke to my parents the way Farrah speaks to hers, I’d hope someone would sit me down and have a come-to-Jesus talk with me about my behavior.

You just can’t treat people that unkindly and expect them to sit back and take it.

Poor Simon has gotten himself into a situation that I fear he can’t come out of unscathed. If he gets fed up and responds, he’ll be portrayed as a villain. If he keeps his mouth shut and stays, he’ll be painted as an opportunist looking to cash in on Farrah’s exposure.

Sadly, it would appear that Farrah basically deflected everything Dr. Jenn said, because MTV showed a clip of her speaking to her mom mere minutes after the session — and it wasn’t pretty, y’all.

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Clearly the Teen Mom OG star needs more help, and hopefully she’ll one day be receptive to actually receiving that help when it is offered. Until then, let’s spend less time worrying about what she puts into her lips and more time worrying about what comes out of them.

What do you think? Will Farrah ever heed Dr. Jenn’s advice?

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