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Shannon Beador’s temper ruined her kids’ rock show

You gotta feel for the children of Real Housewives stars. While the publicity these kiddos enjoy can lead to all kinds of amazing career opportunities, it can also be incredibly damaging — especially when your mom and your grandma are bickering about your dad’s affair!

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The fun evening highlighted during the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County should have been all about Shannon and David’s children, but instead, it turned into a rehashing of what we’ve seen a million times before: Shannon getting super upset about her husband’s affair, David acting sheepish and trying to calm his wife down, and the other Housewives not knowing what to do. These scenes are starting to get super predictable, but tonight, things weren’t so much predictable as uncomfortable. Why drag the poor kids into the marital drama?

Shannon Beador
Image: Bravo

One of Shannon’s daughters brought up a point that I’ve seen repeated time and time again on Twitter these last two seasons: Sometimes, forgiveness is necessary. But while Shannon is ready to forgive David, she’s not at that point with her mother-in-law — and that’s OK. However, the immediate aftermath of an incident like this is probably not the best time to bring it up. Better to let cooler heads prevail. Not to mention, shouldn’t Shannon and David have been focusing on their kids’ big night on the way home and not their own drama?

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In the Beador parents’ defense, parenting and being a reality star at the same time is hard work. The crew is constantly pushing drama in your face, and when you just want to chill with your kids, you suddenly find yourself reliving embarrassing moments. Even without producers pushing an agenda, Shannon’s mother-in-law’s comments about her pushing David into an affair were totally inappropriate. Despite all that, I still think Shannon could have handled the situation better.

Shannon Beador's kids
Image: Bravo

Obviously, Shannon and David have done something right, because their children seem like a lot of fun. I mean, what could be better than your own kid-based rock group? I just hope they won’t be too negatively impacted by all the family drama.

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What did you think of Shannon Beador’s response to her mother-in-law’s bad behavior? Comment and share your opinion below.

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