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While George is tied up making movies, Amal Clooney is busy taking on ISIS

We’ve finally decoded why Amal Clooney looks so uninterested while walking the red carpet with her husband, George Clooney. It’s not because she’s bored by fancy Hollywood events — the woman just has seriously bigger fish to fry.

Amal, who is a human rights lawyer and barrister at Doughty Street Chambers in London, is taking on ISIS and putting them on trial for human trafficking and genocide — specifically in defense of Nadia Murad, an Iraqi woman who was captured by ISIS in 2014 but escaped after being tortured and raped for three months, according to Us Magazine.

“I can’t imagine anything worse being done by one human to another,” Amal said of human trafficking in an interview this week with Today.

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She and Murad — who was just appointed as the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Goodwill Ambassador — are urging the UN to investigate and try ISIS commanders for genocide.

“It’s been harrowing to hear the testimony of girls as young as 11 and 12 talk about what’s happened to them,” Amal said. “But still, we haven’t been able to do anything about it.”

Amal is passionate about taking ISIS to task, but both she and George are both well aware that she’s entering dangerous territory.

“This is something I discussed with my husband before I would take on something like this,” she said. “We did discuss it. And we are aware of some of the risks involved… [George] met Nadia too and I think he was moved for the same reasons and he understood, I mean, this is my work.”

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Still, Amal remains humble about the threatening path she is walking.

“I don’t think anyone can feel that they’re being courageous compared to what Nadia is doing,” she added. “You know, it’s no joke. This is ISIS. They have sent her very specific threats, saying we will get you back. We’ll do everything to you.”

And while some have the opinion that Amal shouldn’t even bother taking ISIS to trial because the organization should instead be bombed out of existance, she holds steadfast in bringing them to justice.

“It’s not enough,” she said of physically defeating the terror group. “You can’t kill an idea that way. I think one of the ways to take action that way is to expose their brutality and corruption, and partly you can do that through trial.”

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Watch Amal talk about taking on ISIS below.

What do you think of Amal’s plight to expose the terror group?

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