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The Voice exec hints at a future wedding, but gasp — who could it be?

This has to be confirmation that there’s a Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani wedding in the works, right?

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Mark Burnett, producer of The Voice, told reporters at Sunday’s Emmy Awards that he’s already angling for an invite to the affair.

I am really, really hoping to get invited to the wedding!” he said. “One thing I think of on a very serious note is people go through peaks and valleys and light and dark times in their life. So you always have to hope there is light in their journeys. In the case of Blake and Gwen, both have had some dark times emotionally in their relationships.”

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He continued, “They had no idea by coming to work on a fun music show they would find the loves of their life. And their life exploded, and they are happier than you could imagine, and we are all thrilled to be their friends and see their happiness.”

He has to deserve an invite considering the couple met on the show he produces. He practically set them up.

But when that wedding is going to happen is still somewhat of a mystery. Shelton and Stefani aren’t letting any details slip, even though sources close to them have previously told reporters they want to get married “before the end of the year.” That clock is ticking down pretty quickly, guys! Better get on it.

Regardless of whether they make their end-of-the-year deadline, though, the wedding is clearly coming. Shelton is currently building a house in Oklahoma that is rumored to be his wedding present to Stefani, and that’s a pretty big commitment.

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Do you think Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are going to tie the knot soon?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Gwen and Blake slideshow
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