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Our eyes are rolling so hard at Jennifer Weiner’s Oprah rant

Cue one massive eye roll.

Jennifer Weiner, a hugely successful writer, went on a series of Facebook rants over the weekend because Oprah didn’t pick her new book for Oprah’s book club.

Weiner’s personal essay collection, Hungry Heart, is very similar to the book that Oprah actually picked, Weiner insists. In fact, when the announcement was being made, she said she was sure her book was Oprah’s choice.

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“Then I find out that Oprah’s chosen a memoir about marriage and motherhood as her new book pick. ‘It’s funny!’ (OhmyGod). ‘It’s frank!’ (OHMYGOD). ‘It’s brave, and it goes to the dark places every woman’s been!’ (OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD)… And then — ha! — it’s someone else’s book,” Weiner wrote.

The Facebook post where she wrote that was actually her supposed apology for a petty post she wrote earlier and then deleted quickly, before any screen shots could be saved. And if this post is her not-so-petty “apology,” then we can’t even imagine what she wrote in the original post.

Weiner goes on and on, complaining about how the literary world just doesn’t get her, and that she’s been so persecuted despite being, you know, a super-successful, best-selling author.

“I’m proud of where I am, and proud that I got here not because some big-deal critic told the world to read my books, or some talk-show host anointed me, but because my books connected with readers,” she wrote. “But I am not going to lie and tell you that I haven’t been really sad about this….or that there isn’t a voice in my head (a small, sad voice) that sees a slim, blond, traditionally attractive woman getting something great and thinks, Oh, well, of course. Of course that’s why. Nobody wants someone who looks like you in their magazine or on their TV show. It’s crazy and untrue and I’d never let a friend talk to herself that way…but there it is.”

After some backlash for complaining so hard about her success, Weiner deleted this post, too.

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Are you surprised by Jennifer Weiner’s reaction to Oprah’s book club announcement?

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