Josh Brolin knows you want to see him naked, so he’s obliging

Josh Brolin is one of the hottest men in Hollywood, so of course everyone is going to take note when he posts a naked photo. But it’s not just any naked photo.

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Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Brolin shared a pic that shows him sitting outside a trailer — in what looks to be the middle of nowhere but was reportedly taken at Joshua Tree National Park — completely nude while drinking a morning cup of coffee. And yes, it’s beyond awesome, but not because of the nudity, but because Brolin is completely comfortable with his body and is more than happy to post this photo on social media.

His caption is equally awesome, as he wrote, “Once upon a time, there was a dude who didn’t give a…” followed by a red-faced emoji and the American flag.

Fans have reacted to the photo with very positive comments, including “Love this dude,” “Legend” and “Wow, bold, but impressive!”

Promassage also shared their thoughts, writing, “Haha. Too good. Not giving a f#%* is the best.” While marthachesley333 echoed these sentiments with their comment: “Dude, you are one free spirit! Love it.”

Other fans were just happy that there’s the option to zoom in. Fadhilla_m wrote, “I know i’m not the only one who zoom in this picture several times…..” and brianbowensmith also commented with, “Thank god you can zoom in now. Your awesome.”

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We love Brolin’s DGAF attitude, and his Instagram is really a treasure trove of awesomeness, but we can’t help but notice the vastly different reaction that he (a man in Hollywood) has gotten compared to the backlash a female celebrity posing in a similar position would most likely have received. For example, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski have been victims of harsh backlash in the past for their decisions to pose nude, and they’re not the only ones.

It makes you think, doesn’t it?

Share your thoughts on both the photo and the apparent double standard set for men and women in the comments below.


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