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It’s Scott Disick for the win tonight on Rob & Chyna

Forget Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian and their plethora of drama. Tonight’s Rob & Chyna showed off Scott Disick‘s level-headedness and, I admit it, it was kinda impressive.

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I know these past couple years have been hard for Disick, not that he didn’t bring it on himself, but it looks like he might have actually come out better for it.

During tonight’s episode of the new reality show, Kendall Jenner called mom Kris Jenner mid-panic attack, but it was Disick who put things into perspective for her.

“Once upon a time, a couple years ago, I lost my whole entire family. Then I had a really big drug problem. Then I was in rehab. Then I got out. Then I was still into doing drugs and doing shit. Rob hasn’t come out of the house in three or four years, then he knocked up his girlfriend after two weeks of knowing her, and then there were some other problems that went on in-between then. So if you think you got it rough, just take a look at us,” Disick’s “fairytale” went.

And suddenly, Kendall’s problems just didn’t seem so bad.

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Disick’s story over the past couple of years definitely isn’t pretty, but he’s owning it, and trying to help Rob through his current struggles. That’s very big of him. It takes a lot not to let the defeats Disick has experienced bring him down for good.

Now Rob just needs to find that in his life because right now, it’s hard to watch. He is so insecure about his weight. He’s terrified that Chyna won’t find him attractive and, as a viewer, that’s truly sad.

“I just didn’t want you to see me and give you more reason to stop being attracted to me or whatever,” Rob told Chyna when she asked why he didn’t attend a party with her.

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It definitely doesn’t help that these two fight like they hate each other. Your significant other is supposed to be the person you turn to in order to feel good about yourself. He or she is the person that is supposed to lift you up when you’re feeling down. If Rob and Chyna are going to make their relationship work, they absolutely need to find that in one another. As supportive as Disick is, he just isn’t going to cut it for Rob in those moments.

Do you think Disick might be the surprising person who helps Rob come back out on top of life?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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