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I can’t believe Manzo’d with Children‘s Lauren Manzo is so into being a mom

More often than not, reality TV families only show viewers the glamorous, exciting and mostly staged moments of their lives. Yes, it’s fun to see reality stars all dolled up and engaging in the pettiest arguments possible, but on occasion, it’s more fun to witness their seemingly mundane conversations.

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The best, of course, is when reality stars have relatable moments in which they make important decisions about their future. Imagine that! That’s exactly what we saw on tonight’s Manzo’d with Children, as Lauren Manzo and her husband Vito Scalia discussed one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make: When will they welcome a tiny Scalia into their new family? This scene was the most unexpected of the current season, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

Lauren and Vito
Image: Bravo

Last season, things got awkward when Caroline Manzo repeatedly pressured her newly married daughter into pumping out a grandchild. Lauren was visibly annoyed by the constant meddling from her mom, but she evidently has since been worn down — or changed her mind all on her own. Either way, she’s ready to make her mother a grandmother.

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The Manzo clan may get some hate from viewers who feel as though they don’t really do anything, but I personally enjoy this style of television. There’s no need for the Scalias to participate in contrived “reality” TV scenes every week. Plenty of other shows have the outlandish arguments covered. Manzo’d with Children has found its niche as one of the few reality TV shows in which viewers can actually relate to the cast members and how they handle the stresses of everyday life. No, it might not be dramatic, chaotic or glamorous, but it is real — and how often can you say that about reality TV?

Lauren and Vito
Image: Bravo

Despite having misgivings in the past, Lauren has decided that being Mama Scalia is top priority. Her efforts, as documented Manzo’d with Children, have obviously paid off, since she announced her pregnancy shortly after the new season began. This is all very sudden and unexpected for fans but clearly planned by the Scalias. I think Lauren and Vito will be amazing parents, and I look forward to seeing their journey on Manzo’d with Children.

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What do you think of Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia’s family planning efforts? Comment and share your opinion below.

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