We can’t watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Emmys acceptance speech without ugly-crying

It’s so exciting to see both Seinfeld alums Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld at the 2016 Emmys, and we’re thrilled she just won her seventh Emmy. So why is Louis-Dreyfus in tears?

Image: HBO

Julia Louis-Dreyfus just won another Emmy for playing Selina Meyer in the HBO show Veep, bringing her statue count to five in total for Veep alone. But, sadly, the night was bittersweet.

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At the end of her acceptance speech, with hands visibly shaking, she dedicated her Emmy to her father before revealing that he passed away on September 16.

Through tears, Louis-Dreyfus said, “I’d like to dedicate this to my father, William Louis-Dreyfus, who passed away on Friday. I’m so glad he liked Veep because his opinion was the one that really mattered.”

The camera cut to Jerry Seinfeld in the audience, clapping with an empathetic look on his face.

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William Louis-Dreyfus was born in France but moved to the United States in 1940, where he later became a prominent businessman with a net-worth of $3.4 billion, according to Forbes in 2006. In addition to being the chairman of his own company, he collected art and began donating it to the charity The Harlem Children’s Zone in recent years. The cause of his death has not yet been made public.

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But Julia wasn’t all waterworks in her speech. She cracked a joke implying she felt responsible for Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, saying, “I’d like to take this opportunity to personally apologize for the current political climate. I think that Veep has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. Our show started out as a political satire but now feels more like a sobering documentary. So I certainly do promise to rebuild that wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

May William Louis-Dreyfus rest in peace.

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