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Leslie Jones talks about being naked on CNN: ‘I just wanted to be beautiful, y’all!’

As Leslie Jones likes to say, she just slayed all day at the 2016 Emmys by standing on the stage and creating a bit revolving around that time she faced terrible hate on Twitter and her website was hacked.

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Remember when the Saturday Night Live comedian basically had the worst summer ever thanks to those who thought it was a good idea to bully her online and then when others decided to hack her website, unveil private information and release nude photos of her? It was absolutely terrible and I can’t even imagine what she felt at the time, but to watch it go down as a fan of hers? It made me angry, as I know it did her other fans.

For someone who brings nothing but joy into the lives of people, the Ghostbusters star does not deserve to be targeted with so much disrespect. But if anyone can turn around something so negative into something hilariously positive, it’s Leslie freaking Jones.

Jones getting up on that Emmy stage, telling those men who protect the cards with the winners’ names in a briefcase that their job is unimportant and what they need to do is protect her Twitter account and her website will go down in award show history.

You can watch the moment play out here, and trust me, you’re going to want to watch it on repeat to hear her declare, “I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all!” Guess what, Leslie? You are beautiful inside and out.

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The fact that she can turn what had to be such a heartbreaking time for her into something where she can poke fun at it all just goes to show you how wonderful Jones is.

It also goes to show you that if you’re a Leslie Jones hater, you will never, ever be able to bring her down. You know what she’ll do? Mock you, laugh at you and prove to everyone all over again why she deserves to be doing what she’s doing and what beauty she brings to the world.

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