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When Katy Perry misses her bf, she does what anyone would do: Google his nudes

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s romance is going strong even though they currently find themselves in a long-distance relationship — Bloom is in China shooting his latest film, Tour de Pharmacy. But don’t go thinking that distance is a problem for these two, because apparently they’ve found the perfect formula for keeping their love alive.

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“Katy and Orlando have been making their relationship work while he is out of the country shooting a film. Despite the long distance, Katy has been talking to Orlando in the middle of night and staying connected with texts daily,” a source tells HollywoodLife.

OK, that seems like a pretty normal thing to do in a long-distance relationship, and it’s no secret that great communication is the key to a successful relationship, so no surprise here. However, the surprise is the claim that the source made about how Perry is currently enjoying Bloom’s nude beach photos — and we doubt she’s the only one who appreciates them.

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“The few times Katy has really missed him, she has just looked up his silly nude paddleboard pics online. After a quick peek and a giggle, she always feels better. She loves how smart, carefree, creative and inspiring Orlando is, and she can’t wait to see him again soon,” the source revealed.

Um, Googling your boyfriend and one of his most-talked-about moments is kind of an odd thing to do, but we get it. It’s not even about the nudity; it’s the fact that Perry loves the man that Bloom is: He’s confident in himself and in his body. Plus, those photos probably take her back to some really great memories from their Italian vacation.

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