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Bernie Sanders rips Donald Trump on Late Night, but Twitter rips them both

Bernie Sanders popped in for a chat on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and it went about as you’d expect: He again threw his support behind one-time nemesis Hillary Clinton and tore Donald Trump to shreds.

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Sanders came out hard against Trump, calling out the candidate for his hypocrisy in claiming to be the champion of the American worker.

“It’s pathetic, and it’s laughable,” said Sanders. “Here is a guy who has exploited people for much of his business career. Here is a guy who claims how concerned he is about American companies going abroad to manufacture products — a very legitimate concern — and yet his own clothing manufacturing is done in other countries around the world where the poor workers are being exploited. And then he talks about how he’s going to stand up with working people, and he puts his business advisors council together, and they’re all these billionaire conservative folks. So I don’t think there’s any reason for anyone to believe that Trump is going to stand with working people. He’s a billionaire; his proposals call for massive tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. This is not a guy who, in my view, is going to stand up for working people.”

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“I’ve got seven grandchildren, and I do not want them growing up under a Trump presidency,” Sanders exclaimed. “It’s not just the tax breaks for the rich and the denial of the reality of climate change — it is that he has made bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign. This country has struggled since its inception in terms of what we did to the Native Americans, in terms of slavery, in terms of all kinds of discrimination. We have fought so hard to try to become a less discriminatory society. In many respects, we have succeeded, we have come a long way — gay rights, women’s rights — we have made real progress. I do not want to see this country recede and go back to where one group is scapegoating another group. That is not where we can go. And I’m going to do everything I can to prevent that from happening.”

But the most entertaining part wasn’t on the TV screen at all. It was the Twitter reactions. Some loved what he had to say about Trump and Clinton, some hated it, but everyone can agree on one thing: Sanders inspires just as much passion from his supporters as he did when he was still in the race.

Sanders will be stumping for Clinton through the weekend.

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