Y'all are crazy thinking Halle Berry actually got back together with her ex

Sep 15, 2016 at 11:46 p.m. ET
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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are never, ever, ever getting back together. Like, ever. Unless Martinez can get his act together, that is.

Yes, divorce proceedings have been slow-going (the couple initially filed last October) and the Los Angeles Superior Court has even reportedly warned Berry and Martinez that if they don't take action on their divorce filing soon, it will be dismissed — but rumor has it that Berry will keep Martinez at bay until he can control his erratic behavior, and the hold-up on the dissolution of their marriage is only because Martinez is dragging his feet.

"Olivier never wanted the divorce," a source told People magazine. "It's not surprising that they haven't moved forward."

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Martinez may be trying to win Berry back, but from the sound of things, she is holding strong.

"She definitely has no interest in getting back with Olivier unless his temper and controlling nature change," another People source said. "And there's no indication that either will, so it seems that they will remain separate.

"Neither is rushing to finalize a divorce, as it's not, nor has it ever been, about another person," the source added. "It's about who they are together and who they are apart. And they seem much happier apart."

But if we're being totally real here, y'all aren't that crazy for thinking there's a possibility of Martinez and Berry reuniting. There's the fact that they vacationed together in Mexico in March — five months after they had filed for divorce — and they have been successfully working together to coparent their son and Berry's daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.

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Speaking of Aubry, remember what Martinez did to his face? I guess it's not hard to understand where Berry's coming from when we hear she needs Martinez to get his temper under control.


What do you guys think? Is there still a chance Olivier and Berry will reunite?

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