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Well now all reality TV show friendships are ruined thanks to Vicki Gunvalson

More than a year after she was caught up in the scandal that was Brooks Ayers (and his fake cancer diagnosis), Vicki Gunvalson still hasn’t been able to completely move on.

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In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Gunvalson opened up about what it’s like to be a star on The Real Housewives of Orange County and what’s in store for her future for the show.

Most important, how is Gunvalson’s relationship with the other women on the show now that they all realize she was in on Ayers’ cancer scam and turned against her?

I want peace,” is all Gunvalson had to say about the other Housewives, adding that, not surprisingly, she and Shannon Beador still haven’t made up. Beador took a real emotional beating from Gunvalson when she was the only one to try to stand by her side while Ayers was faking cancer, and Gunvalson threw her under the bus anyway.

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“Shannon and I are not in a good place,” Gunvalson said. “She’s never going to move on from last season with Brooks and I don’t know why she made it about herself.”

But what is more surprising is that even her longtime friend, Tamra Judge, is out of the picture now.

“I haven’t talked to Tamra in a couple of months. That’s typical,” she said. “She’s a TV friend, nothing more.”

Wait. A “TV friend?” If Gunvalson and Judge, who have always appeared to be besties on the show, aren’t friends in real life, what does that mean for other reality TV BFFs? Are they all faking it for the cameras? Did Gunvalson just ruin every reality TV friendship for us? Ugh.

Despite all the drama, though, Gunvalson has no plans to leave the show.

“I think my story’s not done and I think I inspire a lot of women to take control of their lives,” she said.

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Are you surprised to hear the truth about Vicki Gunvalson’s friendship with Tamra Judge?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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