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The American Horror Story Season 6 opener was all anticipation and no delivery

Guys, I am not pleased.

Season 6 of American Horror Story was so anticipated that maybe we should have expected to be disappointed. They did an amazing job with the teasers and the announcement that they were going to keep the theme a secret until the premiere. The entire thing was brilliant and it certainly had me on the edge of my seat wondering what it was going to be. When you build something up like they did, it’s important to deliver. Unfortunately, I just don’t think they delivered.

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We still don’t really know what the theme is for this season. We didn’t even get an intro with the theme song. So far, what they gave us was something akin to those shows like I Survived or Celebrity Ghost Stories. The entire episode was a dramatic reenactment of something weird going down in this couple’s house in Roanoke, North Carolina. Between the reenactment, there was what was supposed to be the actual couple narrating the events. It was weird and felt like a different show than what we have become used to with American Horror Story, but not in a good way. Every time the actual episode went to a commercial break, they flashed “My Roanoke Nightmare” onto the screen, but is that the theme? Is every week going to be a different story or are we stuck with this couple the whole season?

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I don’t think anyone saw a mockumentary coming. It seems like people aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea, either.

Can they really be doing this? I just think it’s a bad move. One of the best and most beloved things about American Horror Story is the “story” part. It’s fun to get enveloped by characters and a plot every season. It’s like it’s just enough time to fall in love and to say goodbye. If we are going to have a new story every episode, then how are they going to build a story that fans care about? Even if it’s the same couple, I can’t understand how that will work either because right now we are seeing the fake reenactment of what they endured and only seeing them separately in interviews. Right now, I simply don’t care about these people because I am watching a fake version of their supposedly true story.

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I just don’t know, guys. I am hoping that things are going to get better after this opener but I am not excited for the season if it continues the way it looks like it will. Come on, Ryan Murphy! Give us the good American Horror Story that we all know and love!

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