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11 times The Bachelorette Canada nailed what dating as a Canadian is like

Canadians finally have our own Bachelorette — and with that, we get to watch Jasmine Larimer deal with some painfully relatable dating scenarios. Who hasn’t been hit on by a drunk cowboy from Calgary or had one too many guys try to impress with acoustic guitars in a night? Here are all the times The Bachelorette Canada reminded us what dating while Canadian is actually like.

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1. When the bachelorette perfectly captures how slim your dating options are in a small Canadian town by explaining how to make out with your hand — and you know just how she feels

Image: Bachelorette Canada

2. When not one but two bros bust out acoustic instruments in the same night to impress you and it’s just so ridiculously awkward

Bachelorette Canada contestant
Image: Bachelorette Canada
Bachelorette Canada guitar scene
Image: Bachelorette Canada

3. When someone uses “I have a very good dental and medical plan” as a pickup line and it actually kind of works because this is Canada — you’ve been saving to get that tooth filled for years

Bachelorette Canada dental plan pickup line
Image: Bachelorette Canada

4. When guys are really really proud of their beatboxing skills, and it’s just like, “God, not again

Bachelorette Canada beatboxing
Image: Bachelorette Canada

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5. When language difficulties are a thing and the communication struggles English speakers and French Canadians face is all too real

Bachelorette Canada benoit
Image: Bachelorette Canada

(Benoit sounds so much sexier in French, but sadly, Jasmine doesn’t get subtitles.)

Benoit on Bachelorette Canada
Image: Bachelorette Canada

6. When there’s a distinct possibility that a drunk cowboy from Calgary will ruin your night by aggressively butting in on a private conversation

Bachelorette Canada fight
Image: Bachelorette Canada

7. When you know that red flannel lumberjack look is played out but it still looks so good

Bachelorette Canada plaid shirt
Image: Bachelorette Canada

8. When your date might just have a script tattoo across his chest that says “Living the Dream” because he’s been working on the oil rigs and is all about that life

Bachelorette Canada Newfoundland
Image: Bachelorette Canada

9. When his perfect date just involves showing you his beloved truck, then you buying him dinner for the privilege

Bachelorette Canada Calgary
Image: Bachelorette Canada

10. When half the guys you meet at a party are secretly dying to bust out their breakdancing skills, convinced they have perfected the best possible version of “the worm”

Bachelorette Canada beakdancing
Image: Bachelorette Canada

11. When you might just run into a semi-naked male entertainer from Whistler — and you’re not complaining at all

Bachelorette Canada male entertainer
Image: Bachelorette Canada

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