Vanderpump Rules star actually compared RHOC‘s Kelly Dodd to a Demogorgon(!)

Well this is a bizarre reality TV crossover.

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Vanderpump Rules star Collin Newman was managing at Lisa Vanderpump’s bar Pump when several of the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County came in for a visit. According to Newman, new OC Housewife Kelly Dodd tried to skip out on her bill, even asking the waitstaff, “Don’t you know who I am?

Newman shared his account of the encounter on Facebook, saying that a drunken Dodd offered to treat her table full of friends, including Vicki Gunvalson, to food and drinks, and then apparently forgot.

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“After getting her receipt, she forgets having offered to pay and claims she is not responsible for what her friends ate and drank,” he wrote. “This is the moment I witnessed a BRILLIANT demogorgon from Stranger Things impression. I mean, just beautifully executed. She goes full screamo on me about how it’s our fault she paid for everyone and how it’s now MY job to go find HER friends (whom I don’t know and never saw) so they can pay their portions.”

By Newman’s account, he and his waitstaff stayed perfectly calm and waited out Dodd’s outburst.

“I continue to say nothing and let her unleash fury because trying to reason with a drunk, irrational ‘Bravolebrity’ is a waste of my time,” he wrote. “Ultimately, she pulls the ‘I’m on TV!’ card.”

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Do you think the Vanderpump Rules cast responded appropriately to Kelly Dodd’s tantrum at Pump?

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