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Jon Dorenbos already won America’s Got Talent in my mind

Jon Dorenbos is no ordinary athlete. He’s great as a long snapper, of course, but he’s an even better magician and entertainer. Tonight, I learned that he has yet another impressive talent up his sleeve: He’s a truly inspirational guy.

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The stakes have never been higher on America’s Got Talent, and while any other magician would have pulled out all the stops with a super-complicated act, Dorenbos decided to take a riskier, but ultimately more rewarding, approach. He showed off a relatively straightforward trick, combined with an inspirational speech about realizing his talents and overcoming adversity. In this amazing oratory, he claimed that magic saved his life and helped him find himself. Other lessons he learned from magic? “Don’t hate, don’t blame, and forgive.”

Jon Dorenbos
Image: NBC

Dorenbos then expanded on each life lesson he’d previously learned from magic. He advised his audience to remove hate and blame from the equation and instead fill their hearts with love. While doing this, he revealed cards he’d shuffled into the deck with the judges’ names on them. No, it wasn’t his craziest trick, but it was by far the most meaningful. That’s got to count for something, right?

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One could argue that Dorenbos is capable of far more, but really, his act is just as much about entertainment value as it is about magic. He certainly delivered an entertaining performance tonight. The judges and audience were both captivated from start to finish by his on-point message.

Jon Dorenbos
Image: NBC

Dorenbos is proof that simple and sweet can be the keys to success on America’s Got Talent. His act would not have been nearly as effective if he hadn’t already impressed viewers week after week, but when added as the cherry on top of his amazing America’s Got Talent repertoire? It was a truly fitting send-off. I don’t anticipate that Dorenbos will win the competition, but I will be very, very happy if he manages to defeat the odds. And if he doesn’t? Well, he has a business degree and an athletic career most of us can only dream of, so I’m sure he’ll be just fine without an America’s Got Talent victory.

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What did you think of Jon Dorenbos’ magic trick on tonight’s America’s Got Talent finale? Did you expect more from him? Comment and share your opinion below.

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