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Trevor Walker and Kelley Johnson need to get it together on Below Deck

There’s just something about a hot tub that seems to bring out the worst in people, especially when you add alcohol and reality TV camera crews into the mix. The Below Deck franchise has already seen a couple of memorable hot tub moments, and tonight’s debacle involving deckhands Trevor Walker and Nico Scholly once again proves that Jacuzzis and Jack Daniel’s don’t mix.

Below Deck Hot Tub
Image: Bravo
Walker was already beginning to wear on the other deckhands’ nerves. This was especially true of his boss, Kelley Johnson. Earlier in the episode, Johnson was none too pleased with his subordinate after he refused an order while the ship’s captain was within earshot. Johnson, however, isn’t exactly leading by example, especially after getting a little too cozy with a female guest with whom he was clearly smitten.
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Tensions were already high, but as always, the hot tub made matters worse. Walker decided to make fun of Scholly’s tattoo, using a choice expletive to describe just how he felt about it. Once Scholly removed himself from the situation, Johnson rightfully lashed out at his coworker, telling him just how incredibly unprofessional his lack of respect had been.
In one of the funniest moments of the episode, Johnson actually demanded Walker go to bed, treating him like a naughty child who has stayed up well past his bedtime. Of course, Walker didn’t take too kindly to being treated like a fussy child and told the Below Deck camera crew in a not so eloquent way that “My dad’s my dad, and you’re not it.”
Below Deck Kelley
Image: Bravo

After just two episodes, everybody on the charter is completely over Walker. Evidently, Walker is Below Deck’s answer to Below Deck Med’s Danny Zureikat, who, despite being universally hated by fellow crew members, attracted some major viewership to the series. Walker also has quite a bit in common with Bryan Kattenburg — namely, his behavior stinks when he combines booze with hot tub relaxation.

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If Walker wants to keep his job and stay in the good graces of everyone else on board, he would be wise to avoid the hot tub from now on — especially when it’s 1 a.m. and everyone has been drinking. Walker has already dug himself a deep hole with the rest of his crew and it will be fun to see just how many more altercations he has left before he’s thrown overboard for good.

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