Sharon Osbourne opens up about depression & we just want to support her

When Sharon Osbourne took a monthlong break from her hosting spot on The Talk in May 2015, the details surrounding the hiatus were pretty unclear.

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But on a new episode of the show, she opened up about the terrifying health emergency that forced her to take a break.

“It’s very weird when you suffer from a bad depression,” she said. “I had a complete and utter breakdown. I woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and for probably three days, I knew nothing. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t talk… My brain just shut down on me. And it’s hard enough surviving in this world anyway, but when you take on too much — I was doing too much of everything, thinking that I’m superwoman. I’m so strong. I can handle this, I can handle that. And it just fused. My brain just totally fused. And I just couldn’t cope with anything.”

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Osbourne said she left Cedars-Sinai to go to a facility that had better support for mental health treatment. She said it took more than six months to find “the right combination of medications” and “the right therapist.”

“[I] also went into another treatment center to learn how to meditate and to do yoga and to find spirituality,” she added. “It’s amazing that some meditation in a day, how it just calms you down and it helps you think and center yourself. All these things helped get me to where I am. And when problems come in now where I would have folded, I’m like, ‘OK, bring it on.'”

Luckily, Osbourne is doing better now, she revealed during Monday’s episode of The Talk.

“I feel now that I have got a good grip on the problem that I have, and I’m in control. It doesn’t control me,” she said. “And if I can help somebody else along the way, I would feel great to be able to give whatever advice — or just what I went through — to help somebody else so they don’t feel ashamed or anything like that.”

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Are you surprised by the reason for Sharon Osbourne’s hiatus from The Talk?

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