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Why would Meghan Edmonds ever visit Vicki Gunvalson in the ER?

I never thought I’d find myself defending Meghan Edmonds, but she has been at the center of far too much criticism during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11. Edmonds has her issues, but right now, she’s not responsible for the majority of the drama on the show. She just wants to focus on her relationship with her husband — and their baby-making efforts.
Edmonds might not be eager to start drama, but tonight, she ended up doing so anyhow. As you may recall, she declined to visit Gunvalson in the emergency room during last week’s episode — and her decision annoyed Heather Dubrow. According to Dubrow, it was heartless of Edmonds to not visit, especially since it wouldn’t have taken that much time out of her day. I can see Dubrow’s point, but I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
Vicki Gunvalson
Image: Bravo
As Edmonds admitted in last week’s Bravo blog, “It was pretty hard to gauge the severity of the accident.” Yes, Dubrow made it clear that Gunvalson was injured, but she didn’t fully convey the severity of the situation. Keep in mind, also, that Edmonds had spoken to Kelly Dodd about the accident, and at the time, Dodd was actually laughing about it. Edmonds simply didn’t think that the situation warranted a visit.

Think about it and be honest: If an acquaintance was involved in an accident and you didn’t think it was that bad, would you drop everything and rush to the emergency room? Probably not. Hospital visits are for close friends and family members. It would be nice if Edmonds stopped by, of course, but her failure to do so doesn’t make her a bad person.

Heather Dubrow
Image: Bravo
Honestly, if I happened to be in Gunvalson’s situation, I wouldn’t want an acquaintance with whom I have a history of drama barging into the emergency room. I suspect that Gunvalson would have appreciated a visit from Edmonds, but her latest tweets indicate that she and Edmonds are on at least somewhat good terms — so she must not be that offended. She even went out of her way to defend Edmonds last week.

I find it very perplexing that Dubrow is so offended by Edmonds’ lack of an ER visit. Is this really worth compromising their relationship? Dubrow had best be careful or she could prompt the breakup of yet another Real Housewives friendship.

Do you think Meghan Edmonds should have visited Vicki Gunvalson in the emergency room? Comment and share your opinion below.

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