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How to avoid buying a $190K fake painting: Do the opposite of what Alec Baldwin did

Dear, dear Alec Baldwin. We hate to see bad fortune befall you, but the details about this latest misstep are kinda making us giggle.

According to Page Six, Baldwin is now involved in a bitter feud and lawsuit with New York’s Mary Boone Gallery owner, Mary Boone, because experts recently revealed to him that a painting he purchased for $190,000 in 2010 is not authentic.

Baldwin had been interested in “Sea and Mirror” by Ross Bleckner for a decade, and “Ms. Boone told Mr. Baldwin she would look into obtaining the work from the collector who currently owned it,” Baldwin’s suit says, via Page Six. Boone obtained the painting for Baldwin for a nominal $15,000 commission.

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It’s not necessarily the fact that Baldwin got defrauded that is amusing — obviously, getting ripped off for that much money is no laughing matter — but other tidbits sprinkled throughout the lawsuit filed by him reek of his 30 Rock character, Jack Donaghy.

In the papers, Baldwin somehow manages to work in his “multiple Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards” and also says that he was originally skeptical of his purchase’s authenticity because it “appeared brighter and smelled different than he would have expected.”

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Can’t you just see Jack taking a deep whiff of the painting and saying, “This smells… fake”? There’s also the fact that Baldwin is suing Boone for more than three times what he paid her.

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“Sadly, Mr. Baldwin’s decision to continue this personal attack is not surprising given his history of lashing out against anyone he believes is beneath him,” Boone’s lawyer, Ted Poretz, told Page Six. “Ms. Boone has no interest in misleading clients and we are confident that this frivolous and vindictive lawsuit will be dismissed.”

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The source of Baldwin’s bitterness can probably be attributed to the fact that he had been longing to purchase the painting since 2006 — long before he finally got his hands on the alleged counterfeit — and even referenced the art at a 2012 Kennedy Center event honoring Paul McCartney, saying, “I love this thing so much,” according to Page Six.

Do you think Baldwin’s suit is funny or just sad?

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