TLC faces another scandal: The Willis Family star arrested for alleged rape

Sep 12, 2016 at 11:38 p.m. ET
Image: TLC

TLC might want to reconsider their vetting process when sourcing new programming, because they've picked some people with seriously shady pasts to appear on their shows over the past couple years.

First Here Comes Honey Boo Boo got the axe after June "Mama June" Shannon was linked to a convicted sex offender, then there was the explosive controversy that enveloped the Duggar family. Now, TLC show The Willis Family has been canceled after being faced with a scandal of their own.

Willis family patriarch, Toby Willis, was arrested on Friday and charged with raping an underage girl in 2002, according to a statement released by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, via Fox News.

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"TBI Agents arrested the 46-year-old in Greenville, Kentucky, where he travelled [sic] in an effort to avoid law enforcement, and charged him with one count of Rape of a Child," the press release said. "The investigation into Willis remains active and ongoing."

Willis' mugshot has also been released, and his appearance is far from the shiny, happy face of a conservative Christian father of 12 talented country musicians who fans have come to know on the TLC show.


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Official news of The Willis Family cancellation may have just now surfaced, but according to a People source, TLC had already planned to take the show off the air before news of Willis' arrest was made public.

"The family was alerted of the cancellation back in May 2016," the source said. "The network performed extensive background checks on all the family [members] and found no issues. Obviously this is something they were never aware of."

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All traces of the family have already been erased from TLC's website. "We are shocked to hear the news," the network said in a statement to People.

What do you think of TLC's latest scandal?

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