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The hate Bethenny Frankel is getting on Instagram is the worst we’ve ever seen

Bethenny Frankel is taking an online beating.

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The Real Housewives of New York star posted a photo to her Instagram, showing her wearing a tiny, white, lacy romper and a headband, captioned, “I nvr saw a romper i didn’t like.”

Surprisingly the insane amount of hate in the photo’s comments has nothing to do with the fact that Frankel is a mom wearing a romper that appears to be designed with Coachella in mind. It’s all about her actions on the RHONY reunion show. And suffice it to say, viewers are not happy with Frankel.

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“Hate to say it, but you are one rude and hypocritical, miserable bitch @bethennyfrankel. I sure hope you find real happiness and stop being so awful,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “@bethennyfrankel do you purposefully try to dress innocently because you’re such a monster bitch? My GOD this season has been painful. Jill Zarin needs to come back and bitchslap some sense into you. Gross.”

More comments call Frankel every derogatory name under the sun and call her out for being BFFs with Andy Cohen, who basically runs the Housewives franchise.

“You sold your soul to Andy sad. Your a bully!!” one wrote. Another added, “Your comment to @DorindaMedley said it all. That she ‘didn’t do @Juleswainstein any favors…to me that reads like you intend to have her fired from the show, and I find that truly repulsive. Are they all to kowtow to you as @caroleradziwill does? YIKES.”

Regardless of how Frankel has acted on RHONY, fans need to remember that this is a TV show that shows only a tiny fraction of her real life. No matter what she does on the show, she doesn’t deserve this kind of hate — no one does.

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Do you love or hate Bethenny Frankel on RHONY?

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