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Luann de Lesseps, what’s with all the, like, uncool boyfriend-stealing?

Poor Sonja Morgan should probably stop hanging out with Luann de Lesseps.

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Morgan, who joined The Real Housewives of New York cast in 2008, still devastated from a painful divorce, has opened up on Twitter about two relationships she’s had since she split from her husband — and both men were stolen from her by de Lesseps.

Early on in her stint on RHONY, Morgan was dating Harry Dubin, who famously gave her a promise ring. Soon after, however, Dubin left a party with de Lesseps instead of Morgan, leaving her devastated.

“I gave back [the] ring. He was going to copy [Ramona’s]. We went out decades ago. Harry’s always had a thing for me but he’s a player,” Morgan tweeted about the incident. However, she followed that tweet with another saying she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship with Dubin.

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“Just wasn’t ready. Was raising my daughter & getting through my financial affairs. Done. Now I don’t feel on hold,” she wrote.

Fast-forward to Thomas D’Agostino, with whom Morgan claims to have had an affair lasting 10 years, though it was rarely physical — Morgan said she and D’Agostino were physical only about five times during the 10 years they knew each other, though they talked often and were very close.

As Morgan was sending her daughter to boarding school, she was also planning a future with D’Agostino… until de Lesseps announced that she was engaged to him.

“OMG I’m so embarrassed at my reaction to Luann’s happiness at her engagement party. My first reactions were territorial, and I was shocked it was the same Tom as in ‘my Tom.’ My really good friend,” Morgan wrote in a blog post about the engagement.

“Tom also made me mad with recent things he had said to me and the press downplaying our relationship, and therefore, my feelings. It’s embarrassing for me, looks like I’m jealous, and I want her happy as long as it lasts. Marriage or no marriage, I just want Lu happy, not hurt and disappointed.”

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Do you think Sonja Morgan should be so understanding after Luann de Lesseps keeps stealing her boyfriends?

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