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11 times A-list celebs (like Beyoncé!) helped their fans pop the big question

Propose in a restaurant with the ring hidden in dessert? Yawn. These people went above and beyond while popping the question… with a little help from some huge celebs.

1. Beyoncé

One of Beyoncé’s backup dancers got the surprise of her life when her choreographer boyfriend put a ring on it in the middle of a St. Louis Formation tour stop. Fittingly, Bey stopped the show in the middle of performing “Single Ladies,” but her dancer was able to pick up her moves right where they left off, as flawless as her shiny new diamond ring.

2. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake helped one man prove “That Girl” was the one for him when he pulled the couple onstage for a proposal during his 2013 20/20 Experience tour stop in Louisville. She said yes as soon as she could tear her eyes away from JT. Awkward.

3. Zach Braff

Actor Zach Braff helped one man make an insanely sweet video for his girlfriend, showing her all the people who wanted the couple to get married. A total tearjerker!

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4. Mariah Carey

This man told his partner he wouldn’t marry him until he introduced him to Mariah Carey herself — so he did just that at a 2009 concert in Las Vegas!

5. Kesha

This hasn’t been an easy year for Kesha, but that doesn’t mean she’s not all about making other people’s dreams come true. The star helped one man propose to his partner at the most magical place on earth!

“Overcome and overwhelmed with emotion on stage last night,” Kesha wrote about the moment on Instagram. “I’m honored that [Joseph] & [Naveed] shared such a monumental moment with me, and let me help orchestrate their surprise engagement. Love is the magic in life, and really there is nothing more important. He said yes. He actually said ‘a million times, yes.’ Then my heart melted and I cried.”

6. Adele

Adele unwittingly became the conduit for one couple’s proposal when she invited them onstage and a fan asked his boyfriend to marry him — a moment the singer had no idea was coming. She did offer more help in another way, though.

“Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I’d love to have a baby with someone Swedish,” she said.

7. Ed Sheeran

When a fan’s sign asking to come onstage caught Ed Sheeran’s eye during a 2015 concert in Austin, Texas, the singer was happy to oblige — then totally teared up when the guy asked his girlfriend to marry him.

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8. Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen had good news and bad news for the subject of one proposal.

“Khalid, I’ve got bad news for you — it’s good news as well, but the bad news is Patrick Stewart is married,” McKellen joked in the engagement video. “The good news is that Brett is available. So think it over, do the right thing.”

9. Harry Styles

One man began a whole Twitter campaign to convince Harry Styles to help him propose to his girlfriend at a One Direction concert, and it worked! And it didn’t stop with that moment, as the lucky lady herself explained.

“Tour bus stylin with Harry himself,” newly-minted fiancée Christine Kozlowski wrote on Instagram. “This man is a saint. If you only knew how amazing he made our night and this special proposal — he also saved our night after we had three dead cell phones, no ids, minimal cash, and a lost set of car keys. He just saved our night, and made this the most special night anyone could possibly ask for.”

10. Lady Gaga

It pays to have friends in high places. A pal of controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson was able to arrange his proposal to his boyfriend on stage during Lady Gaga’s 2014 ArtRave performance. Tears all around and a very excited reaction from Gaga when he said yes!

11. Ryan Gosling

One woman was so inspired by the romance of the Lost River Q&A at SXSW 2015 that she just had to pop the question to her girlfriend then and there! Star Ryan Gosling helped her out with the microphone so everyone could share the blissful moment.

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