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No, Jaden Smith didn’t commit suicide — he was just seen PDA-ing with his GF

Don’t panic — Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, definitely didn’t kill himself.

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Smith is at the center of a cruel social media prank that has a lot of fans believing he committed suicide. The hoax is being propagated by a prank app that posts a link to users’ social media sites with a headline saying users can click to see a video of Smith saying goodbye to his dad before taking his own life. Anyone who clicks the link is redirected to a site that asks for Facebook permissions, and anyone who gives the site permission to use their Facebook information ends up with the link posted on their own page.

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The hoax has been spreading for weeks, though Smith hasn’t commented on the rumors himself. No wonder, because he’s been pretty busy, you know, not being dead. He recently appeared on the red carpet alongside his dad for the premiere of Suicide Squad, and he’s hard at work creating his own Netflix show.

And just on Sunday, Smith was spotted in the front row of the Hood by Air fashion show in New York with his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. The two piled on the PDA as they cuddled and kissed, even in front of the paparazzi cameras. Smith and Snyder have been dating for just over a year, and although they’ve been plagued by a whole other set of rumors that say Smith has cheated on his girlfriend, they seem to be going strong.

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What’s the craziest celebrity rumor you’ve heard?

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