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Dayum, Nick, that was the hottest kiss in Fear the Walking Dead history

Hey now, y’all, is it just me, or did Fear the Walking Dead just get infinitely hotter? Things have been kind of sputtering along, occasionally cresting but for the most part falling. Maybe, just maybe though, a little sex in the zombpocalypse is just what we need to get things goin’.

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I should point out that we don’t actually know for a fact whether or not Nick and Luciana actually did the deed on this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. What we do know is that the end of the episode brought a kiss between the two that was muy caliente.

Come on, I think even FTWD‘s male demographic can agree it was a steamy exchange, right?

It was certainly enough to get me a little flush in the cheeks, so I’m not one to judge. There’s no shame in my game — I thought that kiss (and presumably what followed) was just about the most exciting thing we’ve seen on this series so far.

Granted, I probably wouldn’t be saying that about Fear‘s predecessor, The Walking Dead. Sure, there have been more than a few sexy moments among Rick and the crew. However, the rest of the narrative surrounding those characters is so compelling that any such steamy exchanges are pretty much par for the course.

The issue with Fear, as we’ve touched on in the past, is that the show has failed to build a meaningful-enough evolution to keep viewers invested. If I’m really being honest, I was basically on cruise control watching tonight’s episode until Nick and Luciana shared that moment.

That kiss, though! So, here’s the thing. If you ever catch Talking Dead immediately following the show (and why wouldn’t you? Chris Hardwick is a mental palate cleanser in the best way) then you’ve undoubtedly noticed several of the show’s stars have applauded the precision and depth of Frank Dillane’s work.

Dillane, who plays Nick, is a bit of an enigma. Although he has enjoyed a handful of roles since surfacing with Welcome to Sarajevo in 1997, his most memorable role prior to Fear was 2009’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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But while we don’t have a huge body of work to compare his performance in Fear to, his interaction with Luciana (including the kiss) in the last few episodes has allowed for some of the nuances he imbues the character with to emerge. And, y’all, it’s kind of a thing of beauty.

So I’m actually admittedly excited to see what next week brings. Unfortunately, that sort of anticipation hasn’t struck me often during the tenure of this series so far.

You know what else? I’m not afraid to admit I like to see some sexy time in the zombpocalypse. I think it humanizes the characters even more. You know that hypothetical question people love to ask: “What would do if you found out the world was ending? I feel like sex would be a big part of that response for a lot of people. People crave the comfort of intimacy when they are scared.

Plus, adrenaline can make any chemistry between two people seem all the more explosive.

I will leave you here with one last thought that occurred to me while I was watching (read: getting all hot and bothered) Nick and Luciana’s kiss. We’ve speculated before that Nick could very well be the parallel of Rick on The Walking Dead, right?

Don’t you think it is interesting, then, that Nick is now hooking up with Luciana — whose real name is Danay Garcia — at the same time in Rick’s arc that he is hooking up with Michonne? Why would this be interesting, you ask? Well, Michonne’s real-life alter ego is none other than Danai Gurira, pronounced the same as Danay.

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This is likely just a coincidence and/or my brain is grasping for any tenuous connection to add more complexity to Fear‘s characters, but knowing the way TV writers’ minds work, it could be another subtle nod to the fact that Nick is Rick’s parallel.

What do you think? Was that kiss hot enough to set Fear‘s ratings on fire?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Frank Dillane slideshow
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