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The Manzo’d with Children kids aren’t just trust fund brats, people

Manzo’d with Children is back, and the new season will cover the crazy escapades the Manzos have had these last few months. It’s not all ghost hunting, however; the Manzo kids work hard when they’re not in front of film crews.

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The Manzo family gets plenty of grief from viewers, who are convinced that the Manzo’d With Children cast doesn’t actually do anything outside of their reality TV show. This “famous for being famous” attitude toward Caroline and her clan stems from the fact that, aside from the Manzo matriarch herself, the rest of the family never spent any time in the public eye before Bravo gave them their own series. That attitude could begin to change after tonight’s episode, in which Chris Manzo took a big step toward proving that the Manzos do a lot more than just participate in contrived “reality” TV situations.

Manzo Family
Image: Bravo

It’s rare to see genuinely heartfelt moments on a reality TV show, but that’s exactly what happened after Caroline Manzo saw her son’s first children’s book, “Oliver Brightside: You Don’t Want That Penny.” It was quite obvious that Mama Manzo was incredibly proud of her son, as she couldn’t stop smiling. While the entire moment lasted only a couple of minutes, it’s still one of the highlights of the entire series — one that shows just how talented at least one of the members of the Manzo family really is.

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Chris Manzo
Image: Bravo

Viewers — who normally take great pleasure in wondering out loud what the point of this show is — actually expressed their fondness for Chris and his new writing venture on social media.

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Chris is by no means the only Manzo with interests outside of the reality TV realm. The other Manzos have also been fairly busy as of late, although Lauren has admitted to hanging out a lot more in front of her TV since getting married. Either way, the Manzo kids are not nearly as lazy as their detractors think.

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