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Corey’s pulling shady moves like a Big Brother victor should

To review: Nicole and Corey made a pact with Paul and Victor to have one another’s backs until the end and dubbed themselves the Final Four. (Catchy, no? No.) James and Natalie found themselves afloat amid the other teams and they both got nominated for eviction. Natalie was sent to the Jury House and James flagellated himself over it. Then, on Sunday night, via a gross game involving butter, Corey became Head of Household and everything changed.

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I was really down on Nicole’s decision to enter into the Final Four, because Paul is so obviously untrustworthy, but Corey’s nomination of Paul and Victor for eviction is solid and strategic, and it leads me to believe that he’s smarter than I thought. He could have nominated James, but let’s be real, James is the weakest link, whereas Victory and Paul are each huge threats. Together they make one super threat, so it makes sense to take one of them out.

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So the tables have indeed turned, and Paul and Victor each vowed to get revenge on Corey and, by extension, Nicole. Corey labored over his decision (there was an entire montage dedicated to him cleaning the house and brooding), even after processing it with Nicole and James. I thought it would be Paul and/or Victor who would ultimately take down the Final Four, and that Nicole or Corey would be out quickly, but it looks like that’s not going to happen, unless Veto Power goes to Victor or Paul. Meanwhile, James is in a position of neutrality instead of vulnerability. And although you should never be comfortable playing Big Brother, James might be able to be for a minute while these two teams slug it out.

It remains unclear to me how either Paul or Victor could have expected to remain safe at this point in the game, unless they both expected Corey to stop playing the game and hand it to someone else. They might have imagined that Corey would nominate James and one of them, or even Nicole, for eviction, and James would have been the clear one to go and that would have been fine, but again, only one person is going to win this game, and that means alliances are going to have to break up. Victor raged at the end of the episode about having been stabbed in the back by Corey and Nicole, which is true, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, trust anyone in the house and that especially includes the people who tell you you can trust them.

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