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Amber Portwood’s reunion with her cellmate reminds us of how far she’s come

Perhaps because he’s one of the most hated men on reality TV (or maybe just on Teen Mom?), or maybe because he’s actually really into her, Matt did something really great for Amber on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG. For Amber’s 26th birthday, he contacted her former cellmate, Nicole, and brought her to Amber’s surprise birthday party. I do not recommend watching this scene without some kind of tear-absorbing apparatus nearby, because even if you don’t think you’re a sap, this might convince you otherwise.

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Amber was sentenced to five years in jail on felony drugs charges back in 2012 and served 17 months, getting released due to good behavior in November 2013. Amber coped with legal troubles, some of which stemmed from an assault caught during the filming of Teen Mom, struggled with drugs and alcohol, as well as her mental health, on-camera, and it was definitely hard to watch, especially because it meant an indefinite separation from her daughter Leah.

Since she left prison, Amber’s transformation has been significant. She’s no longer using, she’s been working on repairing her relationship with Leah’s father, Gary, and she looks great. (Reminder: Weight loss is not always an indication of physical or mental health.) 

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Nicole and Amber’s reunion was super emotional, not just because there was crying, but because of one moment in particular, when Amber said, “We made it. We’re the only ones.” Apparently, out of all of the women she and Nicole knew in prison, they’re the ones who haven’t gone back. Amber credited Nicole with making her a better person, helping her make important changes. At the party, the two recalled that they had always planned to see each other again, but they couldn’t have imagined the circumstances. There was so much joy between them and it definitely was a solid move on Matt’s part to make the reunion happen.

That being said, Amber will always be emotionally fragile (you can be strong and fragile at the same time), and based on what we know about Matt, and information that keeps emerging, it’s alarming that they’re still together, although their engagement is suspended indefinitely, as Amber reported to Farrah a few episodes ago. Amber and Matt both have pasts they’d like to forget and it’s not hard to see how that might provide glue for a relationship, but how long can that last? And what will the consequences be for Amber if this doesn’t work out? After she’s worked so hard and come so far, it would be awful to see it all fall apart.

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Do you think Amber has come a long way since prison? Tell us in the comments!

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