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All signs point to Supernatural‘s Mary being a total badass in Season 12

At the end of Supernatural Season 11, not only was Sam getting shot (off-screen) by Lady Toni Bevell from the British Men of Letters, but the resurrection of Mary Winchester happened. Since those two moments, fans have “patiently” been waiting for Season 12 and now it’s almost time.

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On Thursday, the Supernatural Season 12 promo was released and it’s definitely filled with action, blood, heartache and badassedness. The mission to save Sam is heavily featured, in addition to Sammy looking a little worse for wear (you know, due to the torture he’s enduring), Rick Springfield as Lucifer and Dean being chained up, but what really stands out is the return of Mary.

Samantha Smith has popped up here and there throughout Supernatural‘s run as Mary, so I’m excited to see her in action and fighting alongside her TV sons. Based on the promo, Mary hasn’t lost her touch as a hunter (remember, she was the original hunter of the family), nor is she afraid to dive into the action to save her youngest. As she says to Castiel, “Right now, all that matters is getting Sam back.” I have a feeling she is going to do whatever it takes to get him back, too.

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It’s really no surprise that Mary is such a badass. During all of those flashbacks when she was younger and still hunting with her father, it’s clear where Sam and Dean got their hunting skills. Yes, John Winchester technically raised them and taught them all about the hunting lifestyle, but I believe Mary still had a strong influence.

Season 12’s Mary is going to be no different, either. In addition to the above promo, just check out these photos of her. The first one shows Mary a little bloody. It looks like she just finished battling it out.

Mary Winchester
Image: The CW

The second image shows Mary wielding an angel blade covered in blood. Be sure to take note of her facial expression, which proves Mary is not to be messed with.

Mary Winchester
Image: The CW

Yeah, Mama Winchester is going to be just as big a badass as her sons in Season 12. Previously, Smith teased just that at 2016’s Comic-Con. Per The TV Addict, Smith said, “[Mary] will be hunting, I will be fighting and participating. And that is not something that my version of Mary has done so far.” She also said at Comic-Con, according to BuddyTV, that Season 12 will feature “strong female ass-kickerage.” That’s exactly what I like to hear.

So, if you’ve had doubts that Mary won’t be able to keep up with her sons, you’d better think again.

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Supernatural returns Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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