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Mariah Carey literally bathes in diamonds

Mariah Carey is living proof that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, because she can’t even take a bath without wearing them — and when we say wearing them, we mean she’s dripping in diamonds.

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In the early hours of Friday morning, Carey took to Instagram to share a photo of her bath. She captioned the shot with, “Just got home after a long night at the studio!!!!! New music coming soon yayyyyyy.”

But because she’s just about the most glamorous celebrity around, her bath time is a little different than the rest of ours and includes not only bubbles, but a lot of jewelry. However, this is something that fans and critics alike are taking issue with, and Carey has been slammed for being a showoff and even ungrateful.
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“Im surprised she’s not bathing in a tub full of diamonds. Smh. To think I was named after this ungrateful hateful beyotch @mariahcarey #thanksmom,” ms_mariah_nicole wrote.

“ahh Mariah such a show off,” courtneyjanespreen commented.

Other fans were really confused as to why she decided to bathe with her jewelry on. deviousunknown wrote, “What’s with the jewellery? Who baths with a mine on their neck? And who’s taking these pictures?”

gibson0509 echoed these thoughts, writing, “Cool picture but she still has her jewelry on,” and emelia2411 also questioned Carey’s decision: “lol won’t she ruin her jewellery though in all that soapy water?! #ohlife.”

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Others, like cocojs101, are really unimpressed with the picture and think that Carey did it purely to get attention — and in their opinion, not the right kind.

“Who the hell is taking this pics while you pose in the tub for the world to see…Beginning to think You really are crazy and looking for any attention you can get now that you can’t use your voice to get it…” cocojs101 commented.

We get the backlash, but people are concentrating on the wrong thing here. What we should all really be taking note of is the fact that Carey has promised some new music — and who knows, maybe this picture is a behind-the-scenes look from one of her new music videos.

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s new Instagram post? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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