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Is Michael Strahan feeling some Live! exit regrets? Nope, not a one

Michael Strahan was undeniably a great addition to Live!, but if you think he misses being a part of the show (especially after his controversial exit in May), you’re sorely mistaken.

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On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Strahan enjoyed his first full day of work on Good Morning America, and he absolutely loved it. “GMA has been great,” he said a day later during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

However, there’s one tiny change that he’s still trying to get used to: the earlier time slot.

“I’m waking up a lot earlier. I start at 7, I’ve got to be there a little earlier than that, but it’s been great because it’s so interesting, and I’m learning,” he told Fallon. “Every job I’ve had I’ve just learned along the way, and this one is interesting because of all the stories, and you get involved in so many different things that are new to me, and I’m loving it.”

We’re really glad to hear that Strahan is enjoying his new job so much, and he’s a real natural in front of the cameras. While he may not be missing Live!, we think Kelly Ripa is coping just fine without her co-host too — although she’s still searching for his replacement.

And that position may be open to the public, as Ripa revealed on Wednesday during her show that one viewer will get a chance to co-host with her (great news for die-hard fans). So we guess things worked out for both Ripa and Strahan then, right?

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What do you think of Michael Strahan’s new gig with Good Morning America? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kelly Ripa Live! co-hosts slideshow
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