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There’s more behind Finding Prince Charming‘s prostitution scandal

Man, you really gotta wonder why people sign up for reality dating shows. Sure, it seems like a fun idea for a hot second, but then you realize that if you have ever done anything remotely scandalous in your entire life, that shit is going to be dragged out in broad daylight for the whole world to see.

Case in point: Robert Sepúlveda Jr. of Logo’s Finding Prince Charming — basically the gay version of The Bachelor — was recently outed as a former prostitute. It’s also been reported he has done a little porn.

Cue the gasps and pearl clutching.

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But Sepúlveda Jr. recently sat down with Access Hollywood to set the record straight about his past and let everyone know that his escorting days ended in his twenties. Turns out his tale is actually the age-old “working my way through college” story.

“I was working at a furniture store that went out of the business,” he said. “In college, my parents were paying for half of my tuition. I was responsible for the other half. The business went out of business, the furniture store, and I really had just a couple weeks to figure out what I was going to do. I basically had no money in my account. I had asked friends before for rent and just to help me out and I had to take control of the situation and take control of my life.”

Sepúlveda Jr. didn’t come right out and say that he was soliciting sex back in the day, but he didn’t exactly say he didn’t, either.

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“I guess everybody understands what an escort is,” he said when asked if he went out on dates and had physical relations. “Whatever happens between two consensual adults is consensual and I’m in total control of what I want to do or don’t want to do.”

And the porn? Well, according to Sepúlveda Jr., that rumor stems from the leak of a private video he sent an ex.

“I’ve never done porn in my entire life,’ he stated. “There was a video that I sent out to an ex-boyfriend. And people out there, don’t send out videos, it always comes back. I sent it out to my ex-boyfriend and when I started to do more television and modeling work, it was posted on a Tumblr site. And it just went viral and it’s a real violation for someone to post something that you sent privately and then have the world see it. It’s a violation.”

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Heed Sepúlveda Jr.’s wisdom, here, people! Don’t ever send nudes to anyone — no matter how much you trust them at the time. Oh, and don’t sign up for a reality show unless you already have a pre-written statement about every dirty deed you’ve done.

Watch Sepúlveda Jr. talk about his past below.
Finding Prince Charming debuts on Logo and VH1 on Sep. 8 at 9/8c.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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