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Jayna Brown was robbed tonight on America’s Got Talent

Seeing people axed on America’s Got Talent is never easy, but the nature of the show is that the best and the brightest are booted far too soon. This tale of woe is repeated again and again throughout the season, and tonight, it was Jayna Brown’s turn.

AGT Jayna
Image: NBC

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Whether it happened immediately after her audition or shortly before the finale, Brown’s exit was always bound to be painful. However, it was particularly heart-rending in light of her stupendous performance last night. She’s always a great singer, but she brought something truly special to the stage for her final America’s Got Talent performance. She should have been rewarded for her fabulous vocals with a spot in the finale, but instead, she was sent home one week too soon.

AGT Jayna 2
Image: NBC

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A lot of people made a point of supporting Brown, but evidently not enough. This clearly upset a few of Brown’s biggest fans, who made it quite clear on social media that they were not happy about the results.

Brown also took to social media to share her thoughts, but her message was, as expected, very positive. I’m sure she’s heartbroken, but she’s smart enough to realize that she’s enjoyed “an incredible journey” and that her fans know what they’re talking about when they assure her that this is just the beginning.

If there’s a silver lining in all this, it’s that Brown has surely attracted plenty of interest from big names during her stint on America’s Got Talent. I would not be surprised at all if she releases an album by the end of next year. She also has a very sizable fan base now, so I doubt she’ll struggle to fill up venues if she takes her show on the road. She’s a wonderfully talented young woman and I’m convinced that this is just the beginning. Oh yeah, and in case you forgot, she’s only 14 years old! In other words, she’s just beginning what is bound to be a long and remarkable showbiz career.

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Do you think Jayna Brown should have made the finale for America’s Got Talent? Comment and share your opinion below.

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