Gavin Rossdale moves on from Gwen Stefani with a long-distance relationship

File this one under celeb couple we never, ever saw coming: Gwen Stefani’s ex, Gavin Rossdale, is reportedly now dating Tiger Woods’ ex, Elin Nordegren.

According to an Us Magazine source, Nordegren and Rossdale hit the town together in Los Angeles over the Labor Day weekend after being set up by mutual friends. Although the pairing is totally coming out of left field, it doesn’t really seem that far-fetched. They have plenty to bond over — they both went through earth-shattering, extremely high-profile divorces, for example. Plus, he’s a total babe, she’s a babe — why wouldn’t they date?

But before we sound the alarms, though they reportedly had an amazing time together, apparently this was only a first date, so there’s no full-on couple status here yet. However, they did enjoy each other’s company so much that it sounds like they’ve already discussed plans on how to make a bicoastal, long-distance relationship successful, since Rossdale lives in Los Angeles and Nordegren is based out of Florida.

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“Elin flies to L.A. on her private plane a lot,” Us‘ source said. “They want to make it work.”

It’s also entirely possible that this new info is an unfounded rumor, but Rossdale did post a rather cryptically romantic tweet on Wednesday.

Sure seems like Rossdale’s got love on the brain after his hot date.

One person who’s probably not giving a second thought to the new possible Rossdale/Nordegren match-up? Stefani. No, she’s too busy basking in the glory of her relationship with The Voice costar, Blake Shelton and coming up with ideas about how to decorate their reported new Oklahoma compound. That, and it’s also rumored that wedding bells will soon be ringing for them as well, so someone might be way too busy planning a wedding to worry about who her ex is dating.

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What do you think of the Rossdale/Nordegren relationship rumor?

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