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Alex Karev, you’ve reached your Grey’s Anatomy expiration date

As an OG Grey’s Anatomy fan, I understand that what I’m about to say may sound like sacrilege. But it must be said nonetheless — the new season teaser hints that Dr. Alex Karev could be in danger of leaving, and it’s about time.

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Before you skewer me, let me lead with this: I love Alex. I’ve been re-watching the entire series from the beginning over the last few weeks, and it has only reaffirmed my respect for this character’s evolution. After all, do you remember what an A-hole Alex was when this crazy ride started?

Not only has he become a better person by leaps and bounds, but he is also pretty clutch around Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — when something catastrophic is going down, he’s the guy you want in your corner.

So at this point, you’re probably wondering why I want him gone.

Before we delve into the reasons (yes, more than one), let’s take a look at the just-released Season 13 teaser. Give it a watch below, and meet me after the jump.

Pretty intense, right? Obviously, Alex has found himself in some seriously hot water. After all, last season did end with him nearly beating the life out of DeLuca because he assumed the newcomer had taken advantage of Jo. It looks like the aftermath of that brouhaha is going to make us feel things. Big time.

Meredith mentions that Alex could go to jail, which would be interesting. Have we seen a character exit the show because they got sent to the clink? I don’t think so, making it a pretty memorable way to be written off of the series.

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You may be thinking, “Hold up! I thought Justin Chambers, who plays Alex, signed on for Season 13?” In which case, you’d be right. Back in March, Chambers did apparently confirm he had extended his contract into Season 13.

However, that doesn’t guarantee he’ll be around the entire season. Think about it — whether DeLuca’s condition improves or deteriorates, it will take a few episodes to hash all of the drama out. Let’s be real: It could take half the season. You know Grey’s loves to draw things out with nail-biting suspense.

Realistically, that would put Alex exiting somewhere around mid-season. I’m OK with that.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve truly enjoyed watching this character grow. As of late, though, that growth seems to be stunted to a certain extent. Honestly, he doesn’t even get a ton of screen time anymore. This is by far the most exciting arc he has had in quite some time.

While I adore the abiding friendship between Alex and Meredith, what if this is the straw that breaks that proverbial camel’s back? Without Jo or Meredith or his job (which he could very well lose), Alex would have no reason to stick around.

Now, time for a confession. I selfishly want Alex written off so that Chambers can pursue other opportunities. He’s been in a few films over the years, and I always enjoy him. I mean, need I really remind you how adorable he was as Massimo in The Wedding Planner?

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While I can see how Ellen Pompeo — who has said she might retire after Grey’s ends — would have a hard time shaking her on-screen persona from the series, I feel like Chambers has untapped depth that could lend well to more movies or even a TV pilot where he is the central character.

So, sorry about your luck, Alex… but I think it’s time to say goodbye to the good people of Grey’s. It’s been a glorious journey, but your character has grown tiresome. Time for a new adventure!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Grey's Anatomy slideshow
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