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Catelynn Lowell’s mental health is way more important than any reality TV show

Catelynn Lowell is finally opening up about her decision to seek extra help for her mental health issues.

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Viewers of Teen Mom will already be familiar with Lowell’s battle with anxiety and depression, which was well documented on the MTV docuseries. Monday’s episode showed the dramatic height of Lowell’s struggles and the moment when she finally decided something was wrong and she needed help.

I decided I needed to get help from talking with Tyler and realizing that I maybe needed something more intense for myself,” Lowell said in an interview with MTV News after the episode aired. “For some reason, I just had a lightbulb moment where I was like, ‘Maybe I need extra help.'”

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On Monday’s episode, a dismayed Baltierra looked on as Lowell purchased a $3,000 mini pig. The reckless purchase — and the newfound responsibility of caring for a farm animal — made her realize she was over the edge.

“I just feel like I need help. ‘Cause I wasn’t really feeling good this morning, and I was having a little bit of anxiety last night,” Lowell said on the show, adding that Baltierra had been telling her he was worried about her. “I just broke down and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m not OK… I do need mental help. Something’s just not right.'”

The episode was filmed before Lowell entered a treatment facility back in March.

“I’m seeking help for myself and my family,” Lowell said in a statement at the time. “Thank you to all of my supporters. My family and I would appreciate some privacy at this time.”

In April, Lowell updated her fans about her progress, tweeting, “Just wanted [you] to know I’m doing great! Best decision I have ever made for myself. I’ll b home soon #thankyouforyoursupport.”

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Are you watching Teen Mom? What do you think of Catelynn Lowell’s decisions this season?

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