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Brad Pitt should expect a call from Making a Murder & Steven Avery soon

Steven Avery is making some big plans for his future.

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Now that Avery, the subject of Netflix’s smash series Making A Murderer, is commanding headlines all the time, he’s thinking bigger than a streaming series — he wants a feature-length biopic about his life.

Avery has a new lawyer now, and she’s filed a motion to have new testing done on some of the key pieces of evidence that led to Avery’s life sentence for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, has already been released from prison following the Netflix series’ investigation of the case, and Avery is confident that his conviction will be overturned as well.

Hopefully all of the tests will come back good and the truth will come out,” he said in an interview with In Touch Weekly. “I’m comfortable. I know I have a good attorney and [that she’ll] prove my innocence.”

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And after his conviction is overturned, Avery plans to write a tell-all memoir, detailing his “life, how prison was, what [he] went through.” He’s as sure that the book will be a hit as he is that he’ll be getting out of prison soon, and he’s already making plans for when his story is optioned for a movie. He wants Brad Pitt to play him on the big screen.

Due to limited access to TV behind bars, though, Avery can’t recall if he’s ever seen a Brad Pitt movie.

“We don’t get too many stations, but we’ve got the news,” he said.

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Do you think Steven Avery’s story would make a good movie?

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