Ariana Grande is taking heat over her ‘vulgar’ photo with boyfriend Mac Miller

Ariana Grande’s new Instagram post has not only (seemingly) confirmed her relationship with Mac Miller, it’s also proved she’s not interested in hiding her affections for him.

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Two weeks ago, TMZ reported that Grande and Miller were dating after they were spotted getting very affectionate during a meal at Katsu-Ya in Encino, and then on Tuesday, Grande took to social media to share a photo of herself with her legs wrapped around Miller. She captioned it with, “baabyyy.”

Fans have already expressed their disapproval about her choice of boyfriend, but we doubt Grande expected the backlash that she’s been receiving over her picture being “inappropriate.”

Yep, it turns out a lot of people think rolling around on the floor (fully clothed, we might add) is unacceptable behavior, and they took to the comment section of the post to make their views known. Comments include one from xxalley19xx, who wrote, “So inappropriate for Instagram. Especially for your younger followers.”

“Ewww. Sorry ari but that’s just VULGAR!” jcrystal4116 shared. Vanessadahzia shared similar thoughts, writing, “Nasty.” While sarahmaddielee wrote, “That look[s] so wrong.”

“What the hell. I’m so sorry ari but i hate this A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT,” bieberbibblex wrote.

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“Wtf….he [sic] head is in her boobs,” _insanly_cool_ commented. And ghost755 was equally unimpressed, asking Grande, “Why would you post this?”

Um, I think it’s safe to say that Grande’s not winning over anyone with her new relationship.

But what do you think of the picture? Is everyone overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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