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Which Bachelor in Paradise wedding will be showcased on national television?

There was a moment this summer when every Bachelor in Paradise fan went from rolling their eyes at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass to absolutely loving every minute they were on camera together.

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They were, by far, Season 3’s favorite — albeit most unexpected — couple.

Watching their quirky little relationship develop was highly amusing, and they are definitely the couple that has the most lasting potential.

Let’s be honest: Lace Morris and Grant Kemp’s relationship is probably hanging by the thread of their matching tattoos. That’s a couple that seems scarily volatile. But Grant put a ring on it despite the uncertainty. I’m just skeptical of the ring lasting as long as the tattoos.

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Meanwhile, it’s only a matter of time, in my opinion, before Amanda Stanton is confirming what Andi Dorfman wrote about Josh Murray in her book. Either that, or she’ll just get tired of him moaning into her mouth while he kisses her. I just don’t get the Josh Murray appeal, but there’s someone for everyone, I suppose, and so far Stanton and Murray are reportedly making it work.

Admittedly that picture of Murray and Stanton kissing with Stanton’s kids on their shoulders is too cute for words. But an Instagram photo isn’t really a good indicator of everlasting love.

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Yup, I’m shipping Evanly big time. And while I would definitely watch a reality show starring Kemp and Morris just for the hilarious drama, Bass and Waddell’s wedding is the one I would want to attend. And since my getting a personal invite is probably out of the question, I’m hoping I get the next-best thing, with ABC bringing it to my living room.

Which Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 wedding are you most hoping ABC airs?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Bachelor couples slideshow
Image: ABC

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