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Sofie Dossi shut the haters up tonight on America’s Got Talent

Sometimes, acts on America’s Got Talent blow you away from the very beginning. And sometimes, they creep up on you over time until you thank your lucky stars that the judges saw something that you missed earlier on. I’m beginning to suspect this is the case with Sofie Dossi, a contortionist I have loved watching for some time but have only recently realized is one of my favorites of the entire season.

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Dossi is unique in that she can very quickly apply critiques and improve the quality of her act. She’s always getting better. Personal growth isn’t necessarily a priority on America’s Got Talent, but it’s always fun to see a contestant who can take an act that’s already great and transform it into something truly spectacular. That’s exactly what I believe Dossi has done with her number, which now has an element of sophistication that it lacked earlier this season.

Sofie Dossi
Image: NBC

Tonight was a bit different for Dossi in that her act lacked a flaming bow and arrow. In the past, this has been the signature moment in her number — shooting a flaming bow and arrow with her feet, while balancing on a wobbly pedestal. It’s the perfect way to end a marvelous performance, but it’s by no means the only way, as she demonstrated tonight. This time, she didn’t bring the same explosive wow factor, but what she did offer was just as good.

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What I love most about Dossi is not her spectacular stage presence or the mesmerizing way she moves her body, but rather, her versatility. From bending her body like a pretzel to shooting arrows with her feet, she can do all kinds of amazing things. Knowing this, I am always displeased when I hear people disparage her allegedly limited skill set.

Sofie Dossi
Image: NBC
Tonight, the haters had to eat their words. Several were predicting another session with the flaming bow and arrow, but instead, they witnessed something entirely different. I enjoyed seeing the negative predictions on Twitter (mainly because the critics were so wrong), but the feedback after Dossi’s performance was even better.

No matter how the votes shake out, I think Dossi has a very promising future. She’s talented and enthusiastic, but most importantly, she can take on new challenges. She exemplifies the spirit of adventure that makes America’s Got Talent such a fun show to watch.

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