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OK Drake, you’ve got our attention with your ‘Child’s Play’ video

Drake has released a 12-minute video for his “Child’s Play” track, and when we watched it, we realized how relatable it is, for so many reasons. Pretty much everyone who has ever been in a relationship has had to process feelings of jealousy, mistrust and insecurity, and in Drake’s video, we’re confronted with a scenario where all this plays out.

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1. We’re not above a little snooping

Drake's music video for
Image: Drake/Apple Music

The video begins with Drake washing his hands in the bathroom when he realizes he left his phone on the restaurant table. We then see that his girlfriend, who happens to be Tyra Banks in this video (amazing, we know), has read his phone.

Whether or not you’ve snooped before (I know I have), it’s something that most of us have thought of at least once in a relationship, past or present. And it turns out a fair number of people would snoop if given the chance.

In a 2013 study in the U.K., 34 per cent of women admitted they’d looked through the cellphone of a partner or ex-partner without their knowledge. And that number increases drastically when it comes to men, with 62 per cent of men fessing up to snooping.

2. Liar, liar!

Drake's music video for
Image: Drake/Apple Music

The girlfriend (Banks) then starts questioning her partner (Drake) about where he really was the night before — which happened to be their one-year anniversary. And while he’d claimed he was working late, it turns out he was lying about something.

Direct TV previously surveyed 2,000 people to find out why they lie and who they lie to (co-workers, family, friends, significant others, etc…), and 11 per cent admitted they lie to their partner the most — as in, more than anyone else they know. Wow.

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3. The guilty always like to deflect the blame

Drake's video for
Image: Drake/Apple Music

The pair then get into a heated argument, and while the woman has very valid concerns, her partner decides to turn the tables on her and make everything her fault.

“Why are you looking and acting like I’m crazy?” Banks says in the video. “Why is it that the man always [turns it out around], because you’re looking at me like I’m crazy?”

Drake then reacts by telling her she shouldn’t be looking at his phone. And boy, is this scenario familiar. In fact, according to doctor of psychology Sheri Meyers, the author of Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love, and Affair-Proof Your Relationship, cheaters often blame their innocent partners for their actions, saying they created a situation that “made them” vulnerable to the affair.

4. Damn girl, look at you go!

Drake's music video for
Image: Drake/Apple Music

While I haven’t chucked wine and thrown cake at a former partner, I can totally relate to the feelings of wanting to do that — to just let go and bid farewell to a toxic relationship. And power to the woman in this scenario, who walks away with her head held high.

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5. The phases of breakups

Drake's music video for
Image: Drake/Apple Music

We were also reminded of the different phases men and women go through during breakups. In the video, Drake gets a phone call from his friend to come and enjoy a night out. According to Men’s Health, when a man first goes through a split, he masks his pain, which can often result in his having a night out with the guys. In fact, according to an online survey, 26 per cent of men say they go get drunk with their friends after a breakup. Damn.

What do you think of Drake’s video? Let us know in the comments below.

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