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Our dreams will be answered if Tom Hughes becomes the next James Bond

The hunt is on for the next James Bond, and as excited as we are at the prospect that it could even be a woman, it looks as though the odds are in Tom Hughes’ favour.

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Hughes has become the topic of Bond speculation after reports revealed that he’d impressed producer Barbara Broccoli with his role in the BBC Cold War thriller The Game. So it’s time to get to know this up-and-coming star — and here are seven facts for starters.

1. He’s already proved himself a serious actor

Hughes is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has proved himself as a serious act. Plus he already has experience portraying a spy with his role as M15 secret operative Joe Lambe in The Game.

Tom Hughes is tipped to become the next James Bond
Image: Game

According to Daily Mirror, a source revealed that “Barbara has told those around her how impressed she was with Tom in The Game“, adding, “She thinks he is very talented and has been looking at all his shows to see if he is up for the role”.

2. Music plays a big role in his acting

It’s kind of hard to imagine using music to help your acting skills, but it works wonders for Hughes, who revealed that he uses music to get into character. “The Beatles were definitely my starting point with Joe. Music’s my life, and I often use music to get into character. I listened to a lot of The Beatles to get me into character”, he said.

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3. He’s a talented musician

It’s not just helpful for getting into character — music is also a big part of Hughes’ life, as he revealed during an interview that music is “my world. It’s my passion“. He’s been playing the guitar since he was age 5, and even played in the band Quaintways before quitting in 2011 to pursue acting more seriously. We’re so impressed right now.

4. His big screen break came in 2009

Hughes first caught everyone’s eye with his role in the BBC series Casualty 1909, in which he played Dr. Harry Ingrams — and looked pretty dashing in a white lab coat, might we add.

Tom Hughes is tipped to become the next James Bond

5. He’d love to be the next James Bond

“Incredible” is the word Hughes used last year when he described what it would be like to become the next 007.

“Would I like to be James Bond? There’s not many people who wouldn’t want to be James Bond”, he said. “If someone sits me down and offers me James Bond one day, it’d be an incredible day. I would strongly consider that. No one’s asked me to play it yet, but I’d love them to ask, so then I would know (how that feels)”.

6. He doubles as a model

This one is pretty obvious given how ridiculously handsome Hughes is, but apart from being a fantastic actor, he’s also a model and has been featured in Burberry’s 2009 summer collection alongside Emma Watson.

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7. He’s a big animal lover

Not that you needed another reason to love Hughes, but we’re giving it to you: He’s a big fan of dogs, especially his own dog, Frank. He once said this: “I’ve got a dog, a little dog called Frank. He’s a miniature dachshund, and he’s a dude”. He also explained that he couldn’t wait to get back to London and see him. Awww.

Oh, and if there was ever any doubt that Tom Hughes would make a great James Bond, you need only see how great he looks in a suit — seriously!

Do you think Tom Hughes would make a great James Bond? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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