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Justin Bieber couldn’t even buy his own five-dolla, five-dolla, five-dolla foot-long

Justin Bieber recently nabbed eight Guinness World Records for the massive success of his latest album, Purpose. He’s also rumored to be worth a cool $200 million, but that didn’t stop his credit card company from failing him earlier this week.

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According to Daily Mail, Bieber popped into Subway in West Hollywood on Thursday while his new girlfriend Sofia Richie waited in the car. Unfortunately, his credit card was declined when he tried to pay, but luckily for Bieber a fan waiting in line saw his predicament and offered to pay for his meal.

Bieber graciously accepted and went on to order a foot-long sandwich, four milk bottles and some cookies for dessert. We love that a fan was willing to pay for Bieber’s meal (in fact, if more people were this generous toward the general public, the world would probably be a much nicer place), but the most interesting part of this story is not that Bieber’s credit card decided to freak out, but rather the fact that he needs to drink four bottles of milk with his meal.

But just in case you were in doubt of Bieber’s financial situation, he’s doing quite OK, and according to Daily Mail he has been spoiling Richie during her birthday week (she turned 18 on Aug. 24) with trips to Barney’s New York, Doheny Room in West Hollywood and a very romantic holiday in Cabo San Lucas.

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Anyway, we’re glad you didn’t go hungry, Justin. And props to the kind fan for parting with their cash.

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