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Did Nick Viall strategically plan to be The Bachelor all along?

Nick Viall is going to be the next Bachelor and I am honestly super happy about it. I think watching Luke Pell or Chase McNary for an entire season would’ve been a serious snoozefest. Plus, I’m ready for Viall to finally find the love he’s been searching for on television for so long.

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So, is Viall happy and ready to be the next Bachelor? Viall’s friend Marcos Hernandez is revealing what his pal really thinks about the new gig, plus how it’s actually his fault Viall ever ended up on the reality franchise in the first place!

“Of course he’s happy he was picked as The Bachelor. It’s an opportunity that came up, but it’s not something he was actively seeking. Nick didn’t even put himself on The Bachelorette the first time. My wife and I did,” Hernandez told E! News. “We’d have pizza nights where we’d watch the show and Nick would come over and watch with us. My wife thought it would be funny to try to get him on the show. She grabbed a recent picture of him and sent it in. We forgot about it but nine months later they called him for an interview and he decided to try it out.”

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Some Bachelor Nation members are upset Viall is being given a fourth chance at love over last season’s Pell or McNary, but honestly, I’m here for it. Viall has gone from being one of the most despised candidates in Bachelor history to the guy everyone is rooting for and truly loves. He’s proof anyone can redeem themselves in the public eye.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day when we were discussing all of the candidates — and Luke [Pell] and Chase [McNary] were on the board — it just got down to the final question of, ‘Who’s the most deserving? Who is the most sincere? Who have we watched time and time again really come on the show to find love and just come up short each and every time?'” Chris Harrison said on Good Morning America. “While Luke and Chase were good guys, we all just kept coming back to Nick. It’s just crazy enough to work.”

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Hernandez agrees that pal Viall is a good fit for The Bachelor, saying, “He’s been on the show twice. He’s truly looking to find a connection.”

However, Hernandez also revealed that Viall has one major Bachelor fear that I think is super understandable. Why wouldn’t he be scared about this?

“Is he afraid of anything? I think it’s obvious,” Hernandez told E! News. “He doesn’t want to have his heart broken again.”

Viall’s stint as The Bachelor could result in another failed relationship. Despite his troubled past on two seasons of The Bachelorette and the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, we’re rooting for Viall. Maybe all his broken Bachelor roads were always meant to lead him here.

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